BPU Membership Details

Membership for 2018/2019 SPECIAL OFFER!

 Membership to the British Powerlifting Union and Amateur British Powerlifting Union -  for those over 18 years of age is £32 BPU and £37 ABPU for the year and £15 for members under 18 years of age (you will be required to produce documents to confirm this). Yearly membership runs from January 1st to the following January 1st and if you join for instance in May, then your renewal will still be due on the 1st of January if the following year.

We have a special offer coming up!! As our qualifiers are beginning in August this year and the first qualifier launches on the 5th June, we are offering you member to include 2019 if you take out membership from the 5th June 2018  - then you will not have to renew until the end of 2019 - we are offering you 6 months FREE!!! This means you membership will run out on the 31st December 2019. 

If you take this then it will run from 1st October so PLEASE dont ask us for special dispensation if you took it out on the 28th May or some other random earlier date. 

Membership activates WHEN YOU MAKE PAYMENT THROUGH THE PAYPAL LINK AND YOU ARE THEN TAKEN TO A FORM TO FILL IN so if you join mid year then it will still run out on the 31st December. 


What happens when I sign up?

Your details get sent through onto a csv file and they are processed every week.  You will NOT receive a confirmation or your number immediately, your card will come in the post second class. If you are in desperate need of your number then please email memberships@britishpowerliftingunion.co.uk (and please be courteous). 

The login section for our website is for our purposes only - you dont need it, you wont get any additional information from it - please ignore it! You will have a paypal receipt, that is all you need so please keep it. Please email memberships@britishpowerliftingunion.co.uk ONLY if you have heard nothing back in over a week. 

You MUST have current membership when you apply to enter a competition. If you are sailing close to the wind and it is unlikely that Kate will have got your card out to you - then email and ask for the number. In the meantime, on the entry form, put the date you applied for membership - YOU MUST INFORM US WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR MEMBERSHIP as it is required on the form - this is YOUR responsibility to let us know as soon as you receive it. 

Where does my membership go?

The British Powerlifting Union has a bank account which will be used for all payments to and from the BPU. Accounts will be produced for each year. 

The fees we have to pay and to cover travel expenses for officials will come out of the account and these are some of the fees that are mandatory:

    • WPC/AWPC License fee: $250 per annum
    • Sanction fees for international events: $250 per event
    • Event Insurance: £120 per event
    • Accounts Preparation (accountant fees): £500 per annum (approximately)
    • Stationary, postage fees, printing, membership card printing, travel costs, web domain, paying for professional services, equipment,  covering officials costs for BPU business stuff, travelling to international competitions FOR YOU to run the team, referees, spotters, loaders and admin staff, trophies, medals, venue hire, payments etc are all not known yet and will be accounted through the year. We do sometimes make payments to people who have gone out of their way for us which has caused them problems and I dont think anyone would begrudge those payments being made if it has made the competition you have entered actually run. 
    • Record Certificates - Yearly membership includes any GB records broken that year, there will be no additional charge for certificates but you MUST apply for them! 

To Join the BPU/ABPU you can follow our easy on-line application process which requires you to make payment via paypal and then complete a registration form (all on-line for your ease).

BPU membership fees are:

New and renewal BPU members: £32
Under 18's : £15

Adult Membership Junior Membership (Under 18's)

If you really do not want to use our on-line facility and would rather pay by cheque, you can fill in the application form at the bottom of the page and email to info@BritishPowerliftingUnion.co.uk, and post a cheque for the required amount to the following;

If paying by Cheque, please make cheque payable to:
"British Powerlifting Union" and post to:

BPU Membership
c/o 22 Ivy Cottages, Meadow Lane, Denton, Manchester, M34 7PZ.

**Please be aware that renewals will be issued with a new card - you will be given a new card and new number each year 

Data Storage and Registration 


Our privacy Policy and GDPR is on the following page: http://uat.britishpowerliftingunion.co.uk/privacy-policy-gdpr/

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